Hi. I’m Chris Haufe. I work on problems in the history and philosophy of science and mathematics.

I grew up in Saginaw, Michigan. As an undergraduate, I studied philosophy, economics, and women’s studies at the University of Michigan. I moved to New York City in August 2001 to study philosophy at Columbia University, from which I graduated in 2006.

I’ve been working at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland since 2011, where I live with my amazing wife and three spectacular children.

These are my current projects:

  1. the concept of fruitfulness in science and mathematics
  2. conceptual and historical foundations of scientism
  3. the epistemology of the humanities
  4. the epistemology of research proposal review



How Knowledge Grows: the Evolutionary Development of Scientific Practice. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press (in press)

Do The Humanities Create Knowledge? New York: Cambridge University Press (under contract)

The Substructure of Scientific Revolutions. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (a historical companion to Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions, written with John Huss. under contract)


forthcoming, “The Puzzle of Promise” in Cambridge University Press volume commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions ed. K. Brad Wray)

forthcoming, “Punctuated Equilibrium” in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Theory in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

(2017) “Anthropogenic Mass Extinction,” Oxford Handbook of Environmental Ethics. New York: Oxford University Press, (427 – 437) (with Jeremy Bendik-Keymer)

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“Philosophical Problems Exemplified by Kepler’s Discoveries”
Kepler at 450: An Interdisciplinary Celebration, Case Western Reserve University

“Trust Issues”
Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting (2021)

“Of Interest”
Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities, Case Western Reserve University (2021)

“The Perception of Promise”
APA Eastern Division Meeting, Symposium on Theoretical Virtues (2020)

“The Priority of Promise”
University of Buffalo (2019)

“Humanities Research Problems”
Humanities Center, University of Rochester (2019)

“The Hoax and The Humanities”
Humanities Center, University of Rochester (2018)

“The Evolutionary Fixation of Ideas”
Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting (2018)

“The Evolutionary Nature of Scientific Progress”
Oberlin College (2018)

“The Directionality of Science”
History of Science Society Annual Meeting (2016)

“On the Epistemic Significance of Predictive Success”
Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting (2016)